COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

Current Vaccines: Pfizer & Moderna
Adults & Kids – Ages 3 & Up (All Doses)

Walk-In or Schedule your COVID-19 Vaccine Today!

For Walk-In Vaccinations, call to confirm availability.

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Detailed instructions below:

Three Steps for COVID-19 Vaccination at Alpha Drugs:

Step 1- Schedule your appointment by visiting the link below:

Day of Appointment

Step 2 – Check-in

  • Arrive at the pharmacy 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment (address listed below).
  • Follow signs and park in vaccine designated spots.
  • Check-in with us inside or join our Virtual Line.
  • Be sure to bring your ID Card, Insurance Card, Mask and any other documents needed when checking in.

Step 3 – Vaccination

  • Once you are alerted it’s your turn, make your way towards the front of the pharmacy and a staff member will assist you.
  • After your vaccination, please wait 15 minutes and enjoy a complimentary water while we monitor you for any reactions before heading out.

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